General FAQs

What is fiber internet anyway, and why is it better?

A fiber connection gets its name from the small glass fibers used to transmit data. Information can be transmitted through these glass fibers as pulses of light and are capable of carrying large amounts of data much faster than other internet technology. Fiber offers the most reliable, most secure, and fastest upload and download speeds available now and in the future!

How is Joe Wheeler EMC going to do this project?

We will do this in 3 phases.

  • Phase 1 will start with the center of the Joe Wheeler Electric service area. This first ring of fiber will connect our substations and offices to improve the quality and reliability of our electric service as well as get fiber drops to residents and businesses along the way.
  • Phase 2 will be on the east side of our service area.
  • Phase 3 will be on the west side of the service area. Follow our progression in the Alabama Living magazine and on social media. Eventually, at the end of four years, we will make world-class, fiber internet service available to All Joe Wheeler EMC members!
Why are you doing this?

Installing fiber will allow Joe Wheeler EMC to enhance the quality and reliability of its electric service and bring the fastest internet speeds available anywhere in the country to our members.

Internet Service FAQs

When will fiber service be available?

The first phase of FlashFiber Internet is underway, with engineering and preparation completed and construction starting at the end of 2020. The first sections of Phase 1 to have access to fiber internet service should be available in early 2021. As progress continues on Phase 1, more areas will come online until Phase 1 is complete. Phase 1 is scheduled for completion in 2022. To see if your home or business can receive service visit FlashFiber and enter your address.

What speeds will be offered, and what is the monthly cost?

Visit the Residential Services and Business Services pages to find out more about current pricing.

There will be no contracts for these services and no installation fees during the initial construction period. Internet and phone services will be billed separately from power and natural gas.

With all service levels of Flash Fiber, a Wi-Fi management service will be included, ensuring that when you call us, you get the customer service and technical support you need when you need it. It also includes whole-home Wi-Fi, which ensures that you have the fastest speed delivered throughout your entire home. You already trust Joe Wheeler EMC as your energy source. We want to be your trusted internet provider, too.

How can I sign up?

Register your interest at FlashFiber today! Members in Phase 1 will be connected first. A representative will contact you via email when service is available with instructions on how to sign up for service.

What is FlashFiber?

FlashFiber Internet is a broadband internet service built with fiber, bringing the highest available internet speeds for a competitive price to our members. We are very excited about how this can transform where we live, work and go to school!