Joe Wheeler EMC customers can text and/or email power outages directly to our Outage Management System by using the following directions:


Joe Wheeler EMC Bill - member number is located at the top right corner. Meter Number will be located in the center of the bill, or your account number will be at the top left corner of the bill.

Locate your:

  • Account/Member number
  • Meter number on your bill

Your bill should match one of the following examples. The location of your Account/Member and Meter numbers is highlighted in yellow.


Register your:

  • Smart phone
  • Email address

You can register as many smart phones and/or email addresses (i.e. other members of your household) as you like. If you have multiple accounts with JWEMC you will need to register your smart phones and/or email addresses with each account.


The following is the registration process:


Smartphone screenshot "New MMS"


In the body of the text, type:
“Reg” followed by a space, followed by your account number (without the dashes), followed by a space, followed by “mtr”, followed by a space, and your meter number.

Smartphone screenshot "Reg, Account Number, mtr, and meter number"


Once this message is sent and received by our Outage Management System, you should receive a confirmation message that includes the address associated with the account information you sent in the previous step

Smartphone screenshot, including a confirmation message for the address associated with account

Your smartphone is now registered.

Once you have your smartphones and email addresses registered this step will only have to be repeated to add new:

  • Smart phones
  • Email addresses

You are now ready to report any power outages that you might have in the future.



In the body of the text, type Powerout


Send the message


You will receive a confirmation text

Smartphone screenshot with confirmation text


Once the power is restored, you will receive a notification

Smartphone screenshot, "Power is restored" message


If, upon receiving the “Power Restored” notification, your power is still out:

Re-submit the Powerout text and our Dispatchers will be alerted that you are still out of power


Commands that can be texted or emailed to our Outage Management System:


Returns a list of all locations registered to the senders phone or email address

Remove <Address>

Unregisters the senders phone or email address from the address specified


This is used to report a power outage

Powerout <Address>
  • This command is for user’s with multiple locations registered
  • Used to report an outage at the location indicated

This is used to cancel an outage that has been reported by mistake

Cancel <Address>
  • This command is for user’s with multiple locations registered
  • Used to cancel an outage for the location indicated when reported by mistake