1. Customer/developer is responsible for the cost of any and all work required by JWEMC to provide adequate facilities for the proposed service to the project, including any work required not actually on the project site.
  2. JWEMC will design and construct any overhead line modifications required as necessary.
  3. Desired features such as 2-way feeds or throw-over schemes and such should be discussed with JWEMC early to ensure decisions on project design work can adequately account for these type of requirements.
  4. Any generator/transfer switch installations need to be discussed with JWEMC on a case by case basis.
  5. JWEMC will install protective devices to protect our equipment and facilities. It is up to the customer/developer to install adequate protective devices to protect your facilities for things such as over-current, over/under-voltage, or single-phasing occurrences.
  6. Once known, customer/developer is responsible for furnishing protective device settings to JWEMC so that proper coordination between protective devices can be assured. If necessary, settings on customer/developer protective devices will be adjusted to assure proper coordination with JWEMC protective devices.
  7. JWEMC will require the customer/developer to pay an aid-to-construction (ATC) amount based on the cost to install any necessary new equipment and any modifications to existing facilities.
  8. The customer/developer will be required to post a security deposit based on the estimated monthly billing, with the average being approximately 2 times the anticipated monthly bill. This security deposit requirement can be satisfied with cash, check, surety bond, or an irrevocable bank letter of credit.