A. A subdivision is a tract of land divided into building lots with individual property lines, easements, and dedicated streets conforming to the requirements of the local governing body as well as all state regulations and intended for the construction of one single or duplex family dwelling per lot. Lot lines shall be contiguous. Each lot shall front on a dedicated street with lots intersecting the street right-of-way.

B. Developer’s Responsibilities:

  1. Provide Joe Wheeler EMC a preliminary copy of design plans and plats as approved by the appropriate governing agency. Forward final plan to Joe Wheeler EMC as soon as approved by the appropriate governing agency.
  2. Sign and return the Contract and Easement Agreement.
  3. Pay aid of construction cost in advance.
  4. Locate the lot corners. Install the permanent survey pins (markers).
  5. Install all primary, secondary and street lighting conductor, conduit per Cooperative’s design and specifications. All service conductor conduits will be the responsibility of the homebuilders.

C. Determination of Costs:

  1. The cost per lot for front footage 0 feet to 200 feet shall be $400 per lot. Anything above 200 foot frontage will be the total cost using standard cooperative estimating procedures.
  2. Plus, total cost for facilities installed at the request of the developer outside the boundaries of the subdivision.
  3. Plus, street lights, cable, and poles. The developer pays the full cost for street light facilities.
  4. Plus, full cost for additional phases required for three phase future requirements, sewage pumps, lift stations, club houses, additional equipment, etc.
  5. Plus, the full cost for non-revenue producing gaps inside the boundaries of the subdivision. This includes wetlands, parks, common areas, etc.
  6. An engineering fee of $1000 will be required for each electrical design plan change required by the developer once the electrical design has been completed.
  7. The developer pays full cost for facilities required to get power to the subdivision.
  8. The above are the costs associated with the development of the subdivision. All costs associated with getting power to individual homes in the subdivision will fall under the residential line extension policy.

D. Facilities serving the subdivision will be designed and constructed in accordance with all applicable codes.

E. Construction will begin when roads are surfaced and surface work is completed to final grades.

F. Facilities constructed by the Cooperative, up to the point of delivery of service, shall become part of the facilities owned, operated, and maintained by the Cooperative. The point of delivery is the location on the member’s premises, as designated by the Cooperative, where the Cooperative will supply electric energy. All wiring equipment beyond this point shall belong to, and be maintained by the member.

G. The Cooperative shall be responsible for operating and maintaining the facilities installed by the Cooperative in accordance with established procedures or providing service of an acceptable standard.