Connection of JWEMC Service Conductors to a Residence

JWEMC will investigate and designate the location of the point of attachment of the JWEMC service conductors to the residence and the cooperative will provide only one service connection.

The meter base may be purchased from an electrical supplier. Any means provided for attachment of service conductors to the structure must be securely mounted to prevent any damage to the structure by the strain of the service conductors.

The mounting height of the connection point shall be a minimum of 12 feet-6 inches above the ground to provide proper clearance for service drop conductors. The minimum heights of service drop conductors are: 18 feet for all areas subject to truck traffic (over streets, roads, etc.), 16 feet for services crossing driveway, parking lot or alley, 16 feet for land traversed by vehicles such as cultivated, grazing, forest, orchard, etc. Where the height of attachment to a building or other installation does not permit service drops to meet these values, the clearance over residential driveways only may be reduced to 12 feet to 6 inches.

For building structures with a wall less than 12 feet above ground, there shall be a service mast installed (Rigid conduit type). The service mast shall be constructed strong enough to support service drop conductors and withstand safely the strain imposed by the service drop.

The service mast shall extend a minimum of 30 inches to a maximum of 42 inches above the roof. The service mast must be a minimum size of 2 inches Rigid conduit.

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