Flash Fiber map

FlashFiber continues to make progress on its lightning-fast fiber network by opening up new areas to Joe Wheeler EMC members.

FlashFiber has completed its build in the Moulton area and has also gone live in Mount Hope and parts of Hatton. Priceville and Pence will also be operational in the coming months.

The western portion of FlashFiber’s construction plan is also complete in Lawrence County and will begin moving into Morgan County. The fiber ring around the Joe Wheeler EMC (JWEMC) system is expected to be complete at the end of the summer. Once this is done the cooperative will work to bring service to areas inside of that ring.

“This is a great accomplishment for our fiber build,” says JWEMC General Manager and CEO George Kitchens. “Having the fiber ring completed around our system will allow us to take advantage of technology that will help us improve our electric service and increase reliability, in addition to providing many more members with high-speed fiber internet.”

To see if FlashFiber is available where you live, visit our FlashFiber website and enter your address. FlashFiber currently offers free installation, so sign up today while this offer lasts.