FlashFiber Map

FlashFiber continues to make progress in building its lightning-fast fiber network by opening up new areas to Joe Wheeler EMC members.

FlashFiber is scheduled to open its third zone this month, which will include the Moulton area. This will give more than 764 homes access to world-class fiber internet.

Currently, over 527 miles of fiber optic cable have been installed, which is almost 20% of the total 3,000 miles for the system. More than 450 members are currently subscribers, and more than 705 are scheduled for installation.

If you live in the Moulton area, be sure you have preregistered at our FlashFiber website. Once service becomes available, you will receive an email with instructions on how to place your order and schedule your installation date.

You can also view a map that shows areas that are live and areas scheduled to be live soon. Visit jwflash.com to find out when service will be available to you.