There are 5 steps to bring fiber internet to your home. Over the course of the next few months, we will break down each step to give a glimpse into all it takes to bring FlashFiber to your area.

This month we are going to talk about splicing. Splicing is the third step in the process of bringing fiber to your home. Our splicing crews prepare the branches for customer connections, as well as install, maintain and repair fiber optic cable. These crews can install aerial and underground fiber and they set up the necessary equipment for subscribers.
Fiber splicing is not an easy or quick process. Splicers have to know how to use advanced equipment to precisely measure fiber cable. A bad measurement could mean the loss of data across connections.

Our splicing crews work in areas where service is available so if you see these crews in your neighborhood make sure you have signed up for service at our FlashFiber website.