Stream live sports with FlashFiber

With the 2021 football season beginning this month, you may be wondering how you can use FlashFiber internet to watch all the games.

Cutting the cord and switching to streaming services can lead to a lot of questions, especially for sports fans. Will you be able to watch all of the games? Is your internet fast enough to avoid buffering interruptions during the action? If you have FlashFiber at your home, the answer to both of those questions is yes.

FlashFiber provides speeds of up to 2 gigabits, which means you will have more than enough speed to stream live sports. It also gives you access to all the streaming platforms and enough speed to never miss a second of the action.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your streaming experience:

Benefits of streaming sports:

  • Cutting the cord — Streaming allows you to watch sports without a cable or satellite subscription, which means you no longer have to bundle your television and internet. With FlashFiber and a streaming service, you can save money each month and have the fastest internet available.
  • Easy access — No longer will you be limited to just watching sports from your TV. Streaming services allow you to keep up with the game from wherever you are through your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Easy to use — Getting rid of the cable or satellite subscription you’ve always had can be scary, but there’s no reason to fear. Streaming sports is super easy, and you will have more options and features than with a standard television package.

Cable Alternatives

YouTube TV — This is a well-rounded service for overall live streaming. YouTube TV offers more top channels for the base price. It includes local networks, ESPN, SEC Network, FS1, and more.

Hulu Live — Another solid option for live streaming, the base Hulu Live package includes local networks, ESPN, SEC Network, NBCSN and FS1.

Sling TV — Sling’s base packages are more affordable, but to get all the live sports options you will have to upgrade. The Orange package offers ESPN, but adding Sports Extra to the Orange and Blue basic plans provides all the live sports you will need, including ESPN, SEC Network, NFL Network, and more. Sling does not offer local network channels.

FuboTV — A great option for a sports fan, fuboTV’s base package includes ESPN, SEC Network, FS1, and NBCSN, along with a variety of other sports-related channels. It also includes local network channels.

On-Demand Streaming Services that Offer Live Sports

ESPN+ — ESPN+ is an affordable option if you like to watch sports that are not aired on the ESPN networks, like UFC, soccer, and some college football games. It’s not the best option if you are looking to watch football this fall.

Amazon Prime — Amazon Prime shows a live Thursday night NFL game each week during the regular season. Amazon also offers add-on packages that include some live sports.

Paramount+ — Paramount+ is a live CBS streaming service that allows you to watch live events like college and NFL football games broadcast on CBS.