There are 5 steps to bringing fiber internet to your home. Over the course of the next few months, we will break down each step to give a glimpse into all it takes to bring FlashFiber to your area.

This month we will focus on the drop crews. When you see these crews in your area, this is great news because it means FlashFiber is ready to be installed in your neighborhood.

The drop crews’ job is to connect the service line outside of your home or business so you can begin enjoying the benefits of FlashFiber internet. This step takes place after you have signed up for service and have scheduled your install.

Once this step is complete, your internet can be installed inside your home by one of our technicians. The installation process is the fifth and final step in building the network.

To check and see if FlashFiber is available where you live, visit our website and enter your address.