We have been seeing your comments and questions regarding FlashFiber and when it will be available. We understand your frustrations and that you need better internet options. Access to quality internet is a problem for our area, and we understand that you need and want it as soon as possible.

JW FlashFiber employees with giant spool of wireWe are working every day to bring FlashFiber to you, but there are a lot of steps to ensure we do this properly. Our crews are currently constructing the fiber backbone, and we expect the first members to be connected in the next month. We understand that everyone wants to be the first to receive this service, but we must work strategically in order to ensure all of our members have access to quality internet. Additionally, we want to be completely open and honest with our members about the strategies we are implementing and the reasoning behind them.

The process of bringing fiber to our members’ homes isn’t a simple one. In order to provide this future-proof technology, we must first build an entirely new network infrastructure — one that we’ll still be using decades from now. Think of it like building a brand-new power grid. We must take the time to make sure that the work we do today will be able to support our members for years to come.

To see if FlashFiber is available in your area, sign up on the home page to receive communications regarding progress. If we are not currently working in your area, it is still important for you to enter your address online so you can be the first to know when we are coming to your neighborhood.

We promise that the wait will be worth it! FlashFiber will provide the fastest internet speeds, with no contracts and no data limits. It will transform our communities for the better and allow for growth and prosperity for years to come. That’s the goal of FlashFiber, and we can’t wait to share it with you.