Do you want to take your gaming experience to the next level? FlashFiber internet can help.

Online gaming is increasingly popular, but to get the full experience you need a quality internet connection. A slow connection can be the difference between winning and losing. With speeds of up to 2 gigabits, FlashFiber can make sure you have all the speed you need.

Here Are a Few of the Ways FlashFiber Can Help:

Upload Speeds

Symmetrical speeds mean that your internet connection will upload and download data at the same rate. This is a benefit of FlashFiber, because most providers do not offer an equal upload speed. This is especially important to gamers who require the fastest speeds possible.

FlashFiber also has no data caps or throttling, so you can experience a worry-free gaming experience.

Gaming Community

Social interaction is one of the most engaging aspects of esports and online gaming. Players can connect through the game and the competition. Old friends can stay in touch, co-workers can bond away from work, and gaming can help build new friendships. Studies have also shown that online gaming can help children develop better social skills.

To experience all the social aspects of gaming, either through audio or video, you need strong and reliable internet service like FlashFiber. You don’t want to be the player whose slow speed hinders the game.

Stay Up to Speed

With Xbox and PlayStation consoles, a strong internet connection has never been more important. Both consoles feature an immersive gaming experience, but that gameplay will test your internet connection.

Whether installing games directly to the console on the Xbox or playing games with 4K picture quality on the PlayStation, you will need a strong internet connection.

FlashFiber will make sure that no matter what advancements are made in the gaming world you will have the internet speeds to handle it.

FlashFiber Offers Tech Support

FlashFiber was formed to bring affordable high-speed internet to all Joe Wheeler EMC members. Another goal was to provide excellent customer service from a local provider members know and trust. All FlashFiber subscribers will have access to 24/7 technical support through This service will allow members to chat with an expert regarding equipment issues or slow internet speeds. All of it at no extra charge.

You can also speak with our customer service team through chat or by phone. They can help with any issues regarding payments, installation, or becoming a subscriber.

For more information and to access the chat feature, visit our Contact Us page.