JWEMC develops FlashFiber construction map

FlashFiber MapFlashFiber mapSince launching FlashFiber last December, a great deal of progress has been made in bringing blazing internet speeds to Joe Wheeler EMC members. However, we understand that many JWEMC members still do not have access and would like to know when it will be available in their community.

In an effort to keep members up to date on the rollout, JWEMC developed a map detailing the areas where FlashFiber will be built, what areas are complete, and where we will be building next.

The green lines on the map to the right represent the backbone of the fiber network. Like our electric transmission lines, which provide large amounts of electricity, this fiber backbone delivers high-speed internet service across long distances. The blue lines represent the distribution lines, which are the lines that deliver the fiber to your neighborhoods and homes. The red lines show the areas where service is now live. If you reside in one of those areas, make sure you have signed up for service at our website.

FlashFiber began making connections in August. Currently, more than 130 miles of fiber line have been deployed. While this is great progress, there are many steps to complete. Our crews are working each day to bring lightning-fast fiber internet to as many JWEMC members as possible.

We are currently installing customers in Zone 1, which is the Caddo/Trinity area. We also moved into other areas around Trinity at the beginning of September.

Once service is available in your area, you will receive an email with instructions for how to complete your order if you have preregistered online. To check if service is available in your area, visit JWFlash and enter your address.